• I'd describe AppAgent as a team of top experts and talented people who are trusted with their own personal freedom. I love a diverse portfolio of projects as well as clients and the possibility to see the immediate results of your efforts. This is what creates an exciting work environment at AppAgent. It makes it the exact opposite to companies where you are slowly getting old whilst being paid for fulfilling routine and boring tasks. Every morning I put my shoes on and go to work to get my daily dose of self-satisfaction, enthusiasm and a confidence boost.

    Richard Hořín

    Creative Director

  • Being a mother of two, I can’t work from the office every day. I appreciate the flexibility AppAgent provides as I can work from home anytime I need. As long as the job is completed, done well and on time, no one will ask me where or when I did it. On top of that, I’ve never worked in such a friendly and easy-going company before. All of my colleagues have a truly positive attitude, there are no conflicts, no stress in the air. I always look forward to seeing them all in the office.

    Iva Fodorova

    Inbound & Content Manager

  • What I like the most about working with AppAgent is that there is no bossing around. Everyone's opinion matters.

    Adnan Hatic

    Idea Maker & Motion Designer

  • To be happy at work, I need freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to grow. AppAgent provides me this and that is why I work here for 3,5 years already. The work is far from routine as the projects differ a lot from client to client. Apart from working on client’s projects, I also come up with ideas on how to improve our work at AppAgent. We work here like entrepreneurs and every single person is responsible for their own work as well as timely delivery. Nobody will breathe down your neck or tell you what to do. We have here a very friendly atmosphere, which I really appreciate. I have made some good friends here - it is not only about daily work really.

    Jiri Chochlik

    ASO Manager

  • What I love about AppAgent is that we concentrate on becoming the best in our own field of expertise, both the company and each of us individually. We constantly learn: through experience of working on various challenging projects, from one another, from the industry experts (we have access to paid consultancies industry experts). We participate in conferences and we run our own webinars. We don’t have any budget limits on education. It’s a great pleasure to work with people who really know their sh*t in depth and never settle on having just a mediocre result. Also, apart from being super-professionals, our Agents are also a bunch of great mates. We hang out together a lot and laugh our a**es off.

    David Pertl

    UA Manager